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Raven Competition '09

Soaring newbies versus skilled pilots

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February 22, 2009
Raven Competition is finished - check
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February 22, 2009
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Raven Competition '09 › rules

1. Competition classes

Newbies will fly with gliders in 15m FAI class (ASW27, Ventus2, LS6), skilled pilots same task together with newbies in Standard class (ASW28, Discus2, LS8). Splitting to groups of newbies/skilled pilots is matter of pride - we hope skilled guys you don't will fly with 15m as well. So please skilled pilots (yes, we know you all for sure), take STANDARD class planes. In case that all class will be allowed on tasks, scored will be only pilots flying 15m/Standard. Other clasess (18m/Open/School/Acro) scored with 0 point - you sure that you want to fly only for fun? It's your choice...

2. Competition calendar

The competition starts on January 17th, 2009. Racing day is saturday. Last competition day is February 21st, 2009. Results of racing days and also overall score will be posted on this website on the fly after actuall race is done.

3. Tasks & settings

Competition has together 6 racing tasks, one of them will be regatta style racing task.

4. Sceneries

Competition sceneries: Slovakia 4.0 / Czech Republic 0.5 / Provence 1.30 / West Swiss 1.02 / New Zealand 0.8 / Hahnweide Southwest Germany Scenery 1.08. Please check your installed versions of sceneries too.

5. Scoring

Standard 1000 point scoring system, but we will not count gliders DAeC index. Overall result is count of 4 best fligts from total 6 flights. Crash is scored with 0 points, flight with glider in different class (18m/Open/School/Acro) also scored with 0 points.

6. Disconnect & IGC sending

In case of your internet disconnect you have option to fly offline and then send your IGC thru e-mail. With internet disconnect and no IGC you will be scored with 0 points.

7. Competition Officials

Task Setter: Radek Miča (RM)
E-mail Address: info@virtualsoaring.eu